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Energy Vampires – How To Protect Ourselves

Energy Vampires: Stealing of Energy Energy vampires are a serious problem, and their consequences lead to unexplained illnesses of people. We have an aura around us that is nothing more than an energy shell, with the purpose of protecting us from external energy attacks. A quiet person, who loves and

What Is Vibrational Energy And How To Use It?

About Vibrational Energy Are you used to think in terms of “vibrations”? You feel the vibrational energy you receive from other people?(their vibrations make up volumes, even before they open their mouths to speak!) You rise/align to the vibrational energy of people, and in a moment, you like a person

What Is Reiki? (3)

What is Reiki? Reiki is a system of spiritual evolution through which man can access the universal source of energy, the Divine. In all the systems existing on Earth today people talk about this energy, whether they call it bioenergy, or Light, or prana, or chi or Ki it is

Reiki- What Exactly It Is? (2)

Definitions given to the wonderful Reiki   Hawayo Takata, Reiki’s great master, described Reiki in the following way: “Reiki – the highest secret in energy science. Reiki is wisdom and truth.” In ancient times, when he was not so called, Reiki was part of whole which included healing techniques and

What Exactly Is Reiki?

About Reiki   Reiki combines the use of vital force (ki), that exist in any form of life, alive or alive, solid, liquid or gaseous, with warmth, confidence and healing power of human touch. No matter where we are, universal vital energy is always available. We carry it in us