Get Rid Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles! Care For The Skin Around The Eyes

How to properly care for the skin around the eyes. Goodbye, fine lines and wrinkles!

care for the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the entire body, so it needs special care. Unfortunately, many women forget this.

How to properly care for the skin around the eyes? Unfortunately, many of us forget to pay special attention to this area, and the effects are not delayed: the circles, wrinkles or bags under the eyes.

There are over 30 muscles in the face, and many of them are around the eyes. Unlike the other muscles in the body, which are linked to the bones, the facial muscles are linked to other muscles or directly to the skin. Basically, any contraction of these muscles will “pull” the skin.

According to research, we blink about 17,000 times a day. So, if we multiply this number by 5 (to include laughter, crying, clenching, squinting, and raising the eyebrow) we will have a total of at least 85,000 muscle contractions around the eye, in one day!

No matter what age you are, it is never too late to give the eyes the necessary attention, but especially the care they deserve. Here’s how your daily care routine should look like, to take care of the health of the skin around your eyes.

You know how to properly care for the skin around your eyes?

The most common problems we encounter in the eye area are the circles, fine wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

To help your skin stay fresh, it is important to use creams that contain antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients, but also sunscreen products.

Choose a special cream for the area around the eyes. This will nourish the dry skin intensely to prevent the appearance of fine lines of expression and wrinkles, but also to soften the already existing ones.

Potato mask for the eyes & area around the eyes

Potato mask for the eyes

The potato mask for the skin around the eyes is truly amazing. It removes dark circles around the eyes, brightens the skin and removes fine wrinkles. It has amazing results since the first application.

The mask for the skin around the eyes with potatoes is an excellent regenerative remedy for the care of the sensitive area of ​​the eyes. It revitalizes the skin, relaxes the eyes, removes swelling, ointments and bags and softens fine lines.

Apply the skin mask with potatoes on the freshly clean skin around the eyes. The effects will be seen immediately and the skin will lighten, become smooth, firm and regain its elasticity. Potatoes contain an enzyme known as catechol, which is used in cosmetics for skin whitening.

Skin mask with potato  – Here’s how to prepare it!

To prepare the potato mask you need

  • 2 tablespoons of raw potato, finely shaved and
  • 2 pieces of cotton (or two fluffy cotton pieces).

Put on each fluffy cotton piece a tablespoon of shaved potato, then apply them on the eyelids and eye area. The cotton you are using should be thin to allow the potato juice to pass through and without affecting the eyes. Allow to act for 20-30 minutes, then remove the mask and rinse the face with warm water or chamomile tea. THE RESULTS WILL BE AMAZING!

How to take care of the eyes and the skin around the eyes

properly care for the eyes

One of the daily routine is to take care of your eyes and the skin around.

The habit to care for your skin, especially the eyes area should take from you few minutes in every day.

The eye cream extends through circular movements of the ring finger, clockwise, starting from the outer corner of the eye.

Continue through the slight blurring of the cream around the outer area of ​​the eye so that the skin is not stretched over.

The sun is one of the main factors contributing to the loss of tone and firmness of the skin, being responsible for the appearance of prematurely aged skin, so it is recommended to use a face cream that contains sunscreen (minimum SPF 15). Don’t forget about sunglasses! They will protect you.

After long hours in front of the computer or even after a migraine, the muscles around the eyes are in constant motion. To prevent expression lines and wrinkles caused by tension or contracting muscles, try to relax them.

Soothe your eyes with a fluffy cotton piece soaked in hot water over which you add a splash of lavender oil and relax your muscles much faster.

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