7 Natural Hair Masks : Make Your Hair Longer In A Month

7 Natural Hair Masks Prepared In The House, To Make The Hair Longer In A Single Month







Do you want rich, shiny and healthy hair? These seven hair masks made from simple and affordable products will make your hair thick and shiny in just one month!

Use Aloe Vera

You must store the juice of this beautiful juicy plant, spread it in the roots of the hair, and leave it for a few hours or even at night. Then you just rinse your hair

Apple Vinegar

After washing your hair, apply apple cider vinegar to it, allow it to drain and dry the curls with the hair dryer.

Egg White

Mix two egg whites. Apply a sufficient amount to the loops. Wrap your hair in polyethylene, then put on a warm hat. Walk for 40 minutes, then rinse your hair.

Mustard Powder


  • two tablespoons of mustard powder,

  • two tablespoons of hot water;

  • egg yolk;

  • two tablespoons of crude oil;

  • two teaspoons of sugar. It stretches into the hair, is covered with polyethylene. The hair is washed after an hour.




  • a glass of cognac;

  • two eggs;

  • olive oil. To stretch the hair, wash and dry the hair after an hour.



  • the juice of a small onion head;

  • one teaspoon of crude oil;

  • lemon juice;

  • egg yolk. The solution is steamed, applied to the hair and rinsed after one hour.

hair masks



  • two teaspoons of cinnamon;

  • four teaspoons of blue clay;

  • a few drops of essential oil. Apply on the hair, rinse with shampoo after half an hour.

Apply one of these masks at least twice a week and after only a month you will see an amazing result!

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